How to copy to clipboard with JS

July 24, 2017

The Requirement

Add click-to-copy to a web page.

The Solution

There are libraries that do this and one particularly popular clipboard library that everyone uses, but I discovered today that it’s one of those javascript things that might be worth just doing rather than pulling in a library.

Yeah, this way has limitations, but if all you really need is plain click-to-copy functionality, you can do it with a few lines of javascript:

export function copyToClipboard(val) {
  const tempInput = document.createElement('input');
  tempInput.value = val;

There are limitations to this simple snippet so if click-to-copy is a key part of your app look at clipboard.js, but if it’s just a little nice-to-have extra thing or if you’re already working with lots of libraries that make importing certain third-party packages difficult, this might be all you need.

Fewer libraries = less code = less maintenance, amiright?